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Republicans Power Grab a Continued Assault on People's Right to Hold Government Accountable

May 30, 2024
Darnell T. Brewer News

COLUMBUS - State Rep. Darnell T. Brewer (D-Cleveland) today released the following statement following the passage of the undemocratic House Bill 1 through the Ohio House of Representatives: 

“We, as legislators, should focus on and address the real ‘emergencies’ in our respective districts and Ohioans' kitchen tables—gun safety and violence, funding for school breakfast and lunch for all Ohio's children, and the shortage of nurses, teachers, and health care providers, including better funding for these respective workers. Instead, we were called to address a Republican agenda to restrict Ohioans ability to put forward citizens-led initiatives under a straight scare tactic. Ohioans should be outraged and continue to use their voices to hold us accountable," said Rep. Brewer.