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State Reps. Brewer and Brennan Call for Exemption of Gun Safety Devices from Taxation

September 20, 2023
Sean P. Brennan News

COLUMBUS – State Reps. Darnell T. Brewer (D-Cleveland) and Sean Brennan (D-Parma) Tuesday gave sponsored testimony on House Bill (HB) 186, the Responsible Gun Owners Act, to the House Ways & Means Committee. This measure would exempt gun safety devices from taxation. This initiative seeks to encourage the adoption of essential safety measures while alleviating financial burdens for those seeking to secure their firearms.

"I am very pleased that the bill is receiving bi-partisan support & that we are bringing together folks on both sides of the gun control conversation. Only by working together can we truly achieve safer communities," said Rep. Brennan

"We believe HB 186’s centerpiece is education. It is our responsibility to inform Ohioans about gun safety. We hope the committee sees the value in educating Ohioans about gun safety and making strides for a safer world for our children to grow up in," said Rep. Brewer

Reps. Brewer and Brennan are committed to firearm safety and firmly believe that promoting the accessibility of gun safety devices is crucial to reducing accidents and unauthorized firearm usage. By exempting these life-saving accessories from taxation, they aim to incentivize responsible gun ownership and facilitate the implementation of safety measures.

The proposal has garnered support from individuals, organizations, and policymakers who recognize the importance of reducing preventable firearm incidents, including but not excluding: 

  • The Buckeye Firearms Association
  • Moms Demand Action
  • The National Sports Shooting Foundation 

Studies have consistently shown that using gun safety devices, such as trigger locks and gun safes, can significantly decrease the risk of accidental discharge and unauthorized access to firearms, especially in households with children.

The legislators acknowledge that responsible gun ownership is a shared responsibility, and their efforts align with the broader conversation on firearm safety and regulation. HB 186 underscores the importance of collaboration and common ground, emphasizing the well-being of individuals, families, and communities.

As Reps. Brewer and Brennan continue to advocate for this exemption, they invite interested parties and stakeholders to join the conversation, promote awareness, and contribute to a safer society. By collectively championing the cause of firearm safety, they aim to make a meaningful impact on reducing gun-related accidents and ensuring responsible gun ownership.