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Rep. Troy calls for legislative action to support older Ohioans

April 7, 2022
Daniel P. Troy News

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COLUMBUS- State Rep. Daniel P. Troy (D-Willowick) today hosted the Supporting Older Ohioans press conference, where he called on the Ohio House of Representatives to prioritize legislation benefiting senior citizens, including House Bill (HB) 207, his bill that expands and improves Ohio's Homestead Exemption Program.

"I believe that every citizen of Ohio deserves a dignified retirement as a reward for a lifetime of hard work. No one should be forced out of their home because their property tax is too high," Rep. Troy said.

"My bill will help keep seniors in their homes by lifting the income eligibility threshold and the taxable value exemption and indexing both to inflation, thereby putting money back into the pockets of those who need it most, our fixed-income seniors," he continued.

Joining Rep. Troy at the press conference were Reps. Latyna Humphrey (D-Columbus) and Jeff Crossman (D-Parma), and Chief Policy Officer from the Ohio Area Agencies on Aging, Beth Kowalczyk.

"Seniors are being pushed out of their homes due to property taxes. It's no secret. We want seniors who've lived in their homes to be able to stay in their homes, and they should qualify for the homestead exemption," said Rep. Humphrey.

Rep. Crossman emphasized the importance of making Ohio a welcoming state for all seniors, including those of modest means.

"If we want Ohio to be a state people want to live in, we have to ensure it is a place where you are able to retire safely and securely," Rep. Crossman said.

Rep. Troy concluded the press conference by calling for a thorough review of Ohio's property tax system and urging action on HB 207. The bill is currently in the House Ways and Means Committee, awaiting Committee Chairman Rep. Derick Merrin to schedule additional hearings. For more information on the legislation, please visit

Watch the Supporting Older Ohioans press conference HERE.