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Young, Demetriou Introduce Legislation Protecting Ohio Homeowners from Squatters

Creates an Expedited Process for Squatter Removal
April 9, 2024
Steve Demetriou News

COLUMBUS – State Representatives Tom Young (R-Washington Township) and Steve Demetriou (R-Bainbridge Township) recently introduced a bill to protect Ohio homeowners from “squatters.”

The legislation would create an expedited process through the office of the county sheriff to remove "squatters" following the filing of a complaint that establishes property ownership. The bill contains an emergency clause that would allow the law to take immediate effect.

Ohio already has strong protections in place to prevent and penalize trespassers and “squatters.” Existing Ohio laws differ from those found in states such as New York and California which allow for "squatters" to occupy property for a short amount of time before they can claim these so called “squatters’ rights.” 

The legislation would allow for Ohio homeowners to have an additional tool in their toolbelt to fight back against “squatters” trespassing on their residential property.

House Bill 480 awaits assignment to a House committee.