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Committee Unanimously Passes Legislation Establishing Standard for AMV Dealers

October 4, 2023
Steve Demetriou News

COLUMBUS – State Representatives Steve Demetriou (R-Bainbridge Township) and Sean Patrick Brennan (D-Parma) legislation creating a standard for the sale of adaptive mobility vehicles has unanimously passed a House Commerce and Labor Committee vote Tuesday.

Currently, there is in Ohio law on licensing dealers who purchase vehicles and retrofit them to serve the needs of the disabled community.  That is, any dealer who purchases a new vehicle from a licensed new car dealer and retrofits it to include an electronic or mechanical lift that enables someone to enter a vehicle via wheelchair or scooter, mechanical wheelchair ramp, system that secures a wheelchair or scooter or other adaptations does not fit into the new or used vehicle dealer licensing categories.

Supported by the Ohio Automobile Dealers Association and the Ohio Chamber of Commerce, there are about 15 adaptive vehicle dealers in Ohio operating in legal limbo.

“All too often the public has the impression that everything in Columbus is about partisan bickering,” Brennan said.  “As new members of the Ohio General Assembly, Rep. Demetriou and I became fast friends and are excited that our bill, one that will assist the disabled community and promote economic growth in Ohio, is on the move.”

By expanding dealer licenses to include adaptive mobility vehicles,  limited mobility consumers will be provided with all of the same warranties and other consumer protections they are entitled to.

“This niche industry wants to be included, so by eliminating this legal grey area we are not only supporting low mobility Ohioans by providing them with peace of mind, but we are also supporting these businesses by including them in vehicle dealer licensing and giving their businesses credibility,” said Demetriou. 

The legislation will now be presented on the House floor for a full vote by all representatives.