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Oelslager Supports Legislation During Latest Session

December 15, 2021
Scott Oelslager News

COLUMBUS —The Ohio House of Representatives closed out the 2021 year by passing 21 bills during their final two sessions. State Representative Scott Oelslager (R-North Canton) showed his support with yes votes.

“At the House, we pushed to close out the year by passing these important pieces of legislation that will help all Ohioans,” said Oelslager. “I gave my vote of confidence on these bills because I believe this is what my constituents want from their representative.”  

Oelslger voted ‘yes’ on the following bills:

House Bill 272 will require all third-party sellers of new consumer goods on an online marketplace to provide information to the marketplace and consumers about the products listed. A high-volume third-party seller is a participant in an online marketplace that, in any continuous 12-month period in the previous 24 months has entered into at least 200 discreet sales for new or unused consumer goods resulting in at least $5,000 of gross revenue.

House Bill 186 creates a First-Time Home Buyer Savings Program, under which individuals may receive an income tax deduction for deposits made to a first-time home buyer savings account. The legislation authorizes an annual income tax deduction up to $3,000 for individuals and $6,000 for joint filers deposits made to a buyer savings account. The total deduction an individual may claim for all years is $15,000 and $30,000 for joint filers. 

House Bill 442 adds to the list of individuals who may perform the duties of an adoption and foster care home assessor to those who hold at least a bachelor’s degree in human services fields of social work, sociology, psychology, guidance and counseling, education, religious education, business administration, criminal justice, public administration, child care administration, nursing, family studies and has at least one year of experience working with families and children.

House Bill 392 authorizes ambulance transport of an injured police dog to a veterinarian for further treatment when the police dog is injured in the line of duty and no other human person requires emergency transport at the time. 

House Bill 340 designates September as International Underground Railroad Month. In 2020, eleven states and several other entities proclaimed September as International Underground Railroad Month.

House Bill 45 establishes a two-month amnesty period during which taxpayers owing past-due state and some local taxes and certain fees may discharge the debt by paying the delinquent tax or fee without having to pay the penalty and accrued interest normally due. 

House Bill 440 makes agricultural cooperatives eligible to borrow under the Agricultural Linked Deposit Program. Removes the $150,000 cap on individual loans obtained through the program, leaving the cap to be determined by the Treasurer of State. 

Senate Bill 102 permits a home brewer to brew or ferment beer or wine without obtaining a liquor permit if specified conditions apply. It also allows a home brewer to serve homemade beer or wine on private property without obtaining a liquor permit. In addition, this legislation exempts a person who has an open container of homemade beer or wine that is served on private property, at a fraternal organization, or at a craft brewery, winery, microdistillery, or club from the Open Container Law. Senate Bill 102 exempts a liquor permit holder that hosts an event for home brewers from the existing restrictions on the interrelationship between alcoholic beverage manufactures, distributors, and retailers. 

The House is scheduled to return to session Jan. 19, 2022.