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Fowler Arthur Shows Support for Second Amendment in House Vote

November 17, 2021
Sarah Fowler Arthur News

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COLUMBUS – The Ohio House of Representatives voted in favor of a pair of second amendment bills Wednesday, House Bill 99 and House Bill 227. State Representative Sarah Fowler Arthur (R-Ashtabula) showed her support for each of the bills. 

“These bills protect individuals’ second amendment right to own and bear arms, while clarifying common sense provisions like notifying an officer upon request if you are carrying a gun,” said Fowler Arthur.  

House Bill 99, sponsored by State Representative Thomas Hall (R-Madison Twp.), enhances school safety measures by enabling school districts to have local control of training requirements for arming teachers on school property. 

Fowler Arthur stated, “HB 99 also expands local school board’s training options when authorizing an employee to carry a firearm within the school, which is already permitted in law.” 

House Bill 227 also known as “Constitutional Carry” will allow anyone 21 or older, who can legally possess a handgun, to carry a handgun concealed for any lawful purpose with no additional licenses, fees or paperwork required. The bill does not eliminate Ohio’s concealed handgun license system, but rather makes it optional.

“HB 227 ensures that law abiding gun owners do not unintentionally become law breakers by merely putting on a coat or placing their firearm in a concealed location,” added Fowler Arthur.

Ohio will retain its reciprocity with other states, but in order for an Ohioan to carry a concealed weapon in those states they must obtain a concealed carry permit.