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Fowler Arthur Introduces Legislation Updating the Number of Elected Ohio Board of Education Members

July 17, 2023
Sarah Fowler Arthur News

COLUMBUS – State Rep. Sarah Fowler Arthur (R-Ashtabula) has introduced legislation that increases the about of elected members to the Ohio Board of Education (BOE). 

House Bill 235 will reconfigure the BOE to include 15 elected members, each representing one congressional district. This is an increase from the 11 elected members currently serving on the board.

“I view public transparency and accountability as fundamental responsibilities of the Ohio State Board of Education. Parents and guardians have a right to have elected representatives that are available to hear their thoughts and concerns regarding rules that will affect their children's education,” said Fowler Arthur. “They need to know that their feedback has been heard and considered, which is why House Bill 235 requires public comments to be posted on a publicly available website.”

The bill also requires the State Board of Education to hold monthly meetings for public feedback on the Administrative Rules to be adopted by the newly formed Department of Education and Workforce.

The legislation awaits committee assignment.