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Fowler Arthur and Ferguson File Bill to Protect Ohio Homeowner Right to Short-Term Rent

February 9, 2022
Ron Ferguson News

COLUMBUS, OHIO – Today, State Representative Sarah Fowler Arthur (R-Ashtabula) and State Representative Ron Ferguson (R- Jefferson, Monroe and Belmont) filed House Bill 563 to protect the rights of Ohioans to use their property as a short-term rental (STR). The bill seeks to eliminate the development of regulations that would place outright bans on STRs and limit the duration of use, it does not prohibit the ability of municipalities to regulate STRs, it only ensures that STRs be subjected to the same regulations as long-term rentals and that those regulations address public safety or nuisance issues.  

“Ohioans should always have the right to use what is often their most valuable asset, their homes, as an investment to make money through short-term rental,” said Fowler Arthur. “Short-term rentals also help drive traffic to countless small businesses - restaurants, shops and tourist attractions - across the state. Eliminating short-term rentals hurts Ohio’s economy.” 

Ferguson shared that "Private property rights are a cornerstone of capitalism, and this legislation will ensure a free market for all Ohioans." 

“The Ohio Chamber of Commerce is grateful for the Representatives’ leadership on this issue,” Ohio Chamber CEO Steve Stivers said.  “This legislation will help ease current restrictions on short-term rentals in some of our communities across the state and provide consistency,” Ohio Chamber President and CEO Steve Stivers said.   “Rental hosts, like those who rent through Airbnb, are small-business owners.  We should be supporting their entrepreneurial spirit, not trying to prevent it through local prohibitions.”

The bill seeks to: 

  • Eliminate adoption and enforcement of any regulation, restriction, or other resolution or ordinance that does either of the following: (1) Prohibits short-term rental properties; (2) Regulates the number, duration, or frequency of rental periods for short-term rental properties.
  • Ensure regulations on STRs are enacted or enforced in the same manner as for similar properties that are not short-term rental properties and are focused on public safety and nuisance issues.

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