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Rep. Robinson testifies on his bipartisan bill to improve Ohio's school report card system

March 16, 2021
Phillip M. Robinson, Jr. News

COLUMBUS— State Rep. Phil Robinson (D-Solon) testified today before the House Primary and Secondary Education Committee on House Bill (HB) 200, his bipartisan bill with Rep. Don Jones (R-Freeport) that would improve Ohio’s school report card system.  

“Simply put, our current state report card system isn’t working for schools, students, and our communities. It is a one-size-fits-all policy that fails to accurately reflect the continuous improvement, success, and growth of Ohio’s students and educators,” said Rep. Robinson. “Reforming the state report card system is the first step in restoring the Ohio Promise of educational opportunity for all. With nearly 60 co-sponsors, this bipartisan legislation will begin to help address the long-lasting, systemic issues in Ohio’s education system and end the piecemeal approach that is failing our students. My joint sponsor and I look forward to beginning this long overdue conversation with our fellow committee members to fix a policy that is at the heart of many of Ohio’s key education policies.”

HB 200 would make several changes to Ohio’s current report card system with the intent to change the current system from one of flawed metrics and punitive measures to one that provides a document that schools, parents and communities can understand and use to properly assist when making improvements to a school.

The bill would eliminate the current “A” through “F” grading system and replace it with new performance ratings:

·         Significantly exceeds expectations; 

·         Exceeds expectations;

·         Meets expectations; 

·         Significantly approaching expectations;

·         Moderately approaching expectations;

·         In need of support

It would also require the State Board of Education to adopt rules to establish performance criteria for performance ratings and a method to assign them to performance measures. It also does away with the “overall grade” of buildings and school districts, rating only each component. 

The legislation is the result of the findings and suggestions from the Ohio Report Card Study Committee, established in the operating budget of the 133rd General Assembly, and an additional, more specialized workgroup led by Rep. Jones and Rep. Robinson. 

Following today’s testimony, HB 200 awaits further hearings before the House Primary and Secondary Education Committee.   

Watch: “Working For You: Improving the State Report Card System.”