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Rep. Robinson calls on governor to veto several budget provisions that will hurt Ohioans

June 30, 2021
Phillip M. Robinson, Jr. News

COLUMBUS— State Rep. Phil Robinson (D-Solon) today called on Gov. DeWine to veto several state budget provisions he says fail to meet the expectations of Ohioans as the state begins to emerge and build back from the pandemic.

“A budget is a values document, reflecting our priorities. This budget sends mixed messages about our priorities if we pass fair school funding reform, but undermine our public schools by expanding vouchers. Unfortunately, this situation is only one of many issues with this budget I am hoping the governor will fix,” said Rep. Robinson. “We can’t fulfill the Ohio promise that if you work hard, you can get ahead if we are handing tax giveaways to the wealthy while the rest of the state is still unemployed or in an economic recovery from the pandemic. Also, if we add in several other provisions attacking fair elections and redistricting, LGBTQ rights, women’s health choices, the environment, equity for minorities, and more… what businesses, families, and young people are going to want stay or come to Ohio to live, work, and retire if these are seen as our state’s values?”

Some of the provisions Rep. Robinson urged be vetoed include:

·         Expansion of EdChoice vouchers that hurt Ohio’s public schools.

·         The $1.8 billion tax giveaway benefitting the wealthiest Ohioans at the expense of needed investments to benefit working families, unemployed Ohioans and small businesses still struggling as we begin to emerge from the pandemic.

·         Language that allows the House Speaker and Senate President to intervene in congressional redistricting lawsuits.

·         Prohibition on the secretary of state and local elections boards from working with individuals and organizations on GOTV and voter education programs.

·         Provision allowing health care providers to decline to perform services that violates personal beliefs, which will harm LGBTQ Ohioans and minorities.

·         Attacks on surgical abortion facilities and funding for anti-choice crisis pregnancy centers.

·         Imposes deadline to disenroll some 3 million Ohioans from Medicaid rolls after the expiration of the federal coronavirus emergency is lifted.

·         Facilitates oil and gas drilling in state parks.

·         Electronic bingo rule changes for veteran's or fraternal organizations to be licensed to offer them that poses concerns of fair paying jobs and wages for workers.