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Rep. Joe Miller Warns Against Silencing Ohioans Prepared to Speak Out Against Ohio Higher Education Destruction Act

Senate and House to both hold committee hearings Wednesday
May 16, 2023
Joseph A. Miller, III News

COLUMBUS – State Rep. Joe Miller (D-Amherst) is warning against the limited testimony that is all but guaranteed Wednesday when House Bill (HB) 151 has its second hearing in the Higher Education Committee. The Higher Education Destruction Act aims to eliminate academic freedom, limit collective bargaining and would have a detrimental impact on Ohio’s economy.

“Extremist Republicans claim HB 151 is all about free speech. Then why won’t they let the more than 150 individuals who are overwhelmingly against the Ohio Higher Education Destruction Act testify in Wednesday's House committee? We should be promoting freedom of ideas and speech instead of censoring how certain topics can be discussed,” said Rep. Miller, Ranking Member on the Higher Education Committee. “A new study shows Ohio’s public universities generated $69 billion for our state's economy last year. HB 151/SB 83 will make it extremely difficult to attract students and faculty to Ohio, which will be extraordinarily damaging to our economy, financially impacting cities from Akron, to Athens, Kent and Columbus.” 

Committee will be held tomorrow, Wednesday, May 17 in room 017, at 10:30am ET and can be viewed here:

Reach out to the chairman of the House Higher Education Committee at or (614) 466-6504 to make your voice heard on the Higher Education Destruction Act.