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Schmidt Issues Statement on House Resolution Condemning Biden on the Crisis in Afghanistan

September 8, 2021
Jean Schmidt News

COLUMBUS – State Representative Jean Schmidt (R-Loveland) today issued a statement announcing a House Resolution condemning President Biden for a failed exit strategy in Afghanistan and urging Congress to investigate the administrations failures:

“My heart is deeply saddened by those left behind in Afghanistan. It angers me that the Biden administration has failed to bring our heroes home safely. We must continue to find ways to bring back Americans who were left behind, as well as the Afghan people whose lives are in danger for helping Americans over the past 20 years.

“The images and stories coming out of Afghanistan are truly heartbreaking and horrifying. We’ve lost too many lives, and are not acting quickly enough to end this nightmare. We owe it to our fallen heroes to formally express our gratitude and respect for their sacrifices.

“Tragically, we are already too late to save the lives of the 13 American soldiers killed by the brutal hands of terrorists at the Kabul airport. I have introduced a House Resolution condemning Biden for these senseless actions in an effort to stop further unnecessary violence. I look forward to working with my colleagues in the Ohio House to pass this resolution quickly, and to sign on in support of our troops. 

“Please continue to pray for our fellow Americans who were left behind, and for the people of Afghanistan who deserve better. I urge passage of this resolution.”

Schmidt recently released an OP-ED sharing her experience as a U.S. Congresswoman in Afghanistan and condemning Biden for America’s hasty evacuation strategy. You can view the full article here.