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Schmidt Announces Legislation Increasing Penalties for Voyeurism

August 31, 2021
Jean Schmidt News

COLUMBUS – State Representatives Jean Schmidt (R-Loveland) today introduced House Bill 406, which will revise Ohio’s voyeurism laws and increase penalties.

“I was regretfully inspired to sponsor this legislation after a constituent of mine was in a dressing room, when she saw a camera. The perpetrator was caught, but because of a technicality in the law, he could not be prosecuted for voyeurism,” said Schmidt. “We must work to ensure that everyone’s privacy is safe and secure in places that it’s expected – whether that be a changing room, locker rooms, bathrooms – and this legislation is a step in the right direction. “

This legislation will:

  • Update the list of methods for videotaping and photographing to include streaming and broadcasting;
  • Eliminate a clause in two sections requiring the act be committed for the purpose of sexual gratification to broaden the scope for persons to be charged, thus creating a more secure expectation of privacy; and
  • Increase penalties for repeat offenders.

HB 406 now awaits referral to a committee.