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Breast Cancer Screening Bill Passed by State Legislature

June 1, 2022
Jean Schmidt News

COLUMBUS - State Representative Jean Schmidt (R-Loveland) today announced that her legislation to increase breast cancer screening accessibility and early detection to patients is on its way to the Governor’s desk for signing. 

“For many months, Representative Denson and I have worked to get this bill passed. House Bill 371 is must-have legislation that will save the lives of hundreds, if not thousands of Ohioans,” said Schmidt. “I’m very grateful for the support of the Ohio Senate and for the support of my colleagues in the House.”

Under the bill, H.B. 371 will improve the patient notification letter informing women of dense breasts, allow women of any age or risk factor to receive a yearly mammogram, define mammogram with the inclusion of tomosynthesis, and finally, expand coverage for supplemental breast cancer screenings for women with dense breasts or with a high-risk factor. 

Provisions of the bill make a point to include the best technology available to doctors when screening for the disease. By including tomosynthesis in the definition of a mammogram, women will have access to a 3-D image of their screening. Chest MRIs and ultrasounds would also be more accessible for women in need of a supplemental screening. 

“Advocacy work for finding a cure for breast cancer has long been a part of my career as a lawmaker. I’m thrilled that women in Ohio will now have access to these life saving measures,” said Schmidt. 

During the committee process in the Senate, the bill adopted additional provisions to also address nursing homes in Ohio. The amendment was supported by the bill sponsors and House members by a unanimous vote. 

H.B. 371 now heads to Governor Mike DeWine’s desk to be signed into law.