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Ghanbari Backs State Budget to Provide for Families

July 11, 2023
Haraz N. Ghanbari News

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State Rep. Haraz N. Ghanbari (R-Perrysburg) voted to support the state operating budget bill, which recently passed in the General Assembly. This legislation provides billions in funding over the next two fiscal years to build a strong foundation for the state’s future.

Ghanbari currently serves as a member of the House Finance Committee that oversaw the state budget process.

“We worked to lower taxes for Ohio families,” Ghanbari said. “This is going to put more money back into the pockets of the hard-working men and women of Wood County to spend it how they see fit.”

The budget includes an income tax cut that will simplify, flatten, and make a more permanent state income tax. Under this new system, individuals earning between $26,050 and $100,000 will benefit from an income tax rate of 2.75%. Meanwhile, those earning above $100,000 will have a flattened rate of 3.5%. These reductions will alleviate the burden on hard-working Ohioans while stimulating economic growth and promoting financial well-being across the state.

Additionally, the budget invests heavily into economic and workforce development. These initiatives provide hundreds of millions for development projects, workforce training, and redevelopment programs that will create new opportunities and facilitate job growth. 

The budget was signed into law by Gov. Mike DeWine on July 4.