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Click Introduces Legislation to Declare Personhood from the Moment of Conception

July 12, 2022
Gary Click News

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COLUMBUS – State Representative Gary Click (R-Vickery) last week introduced House Bill 704 to add to the Ohio Revised Code that the personhood of an individual is declared from the moment of conception. Representative Click issues the following statement on the legislation: 

“For nearly fifty years one class of people has erroneously been denied their constitutional rights: the unborn. The misplaced arguments have centered on viability, convenience, gender preference, genetics, timing, so-called choice, and the circumstances of conception rather than the issue that matters most – personhood. Science confirms what our founders alluded to when they declared that all men are created equal which is that we are unique individuals, endowed with unalienable rights, from the moment of conception.

“The Personhood Act affirms what our founders declared, and science has discovered: a person is a person from the moment a new human being is created. That individual, distinguished by their very own DNA, deserves every advantage and every protection of the law including the right to life that every other human being is entitled to. From the moment of fertilization that zygote, embryo or whichever depersonalizing term you choose to use is not merely a potential human but rather human with potential.

“This reaffirmation of the humanity of the individual from their inception will return the attention of the law to its rightful place through the Personhood Act.”

The legislation now awaits a committee assignment.