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Reps. Rogers, Lorenz Introduce Fair Parking Act

March 5, 2024
Elgin Rogers, Jr. News

COLUMBUS – State Reps. Elgin Rogers (D-Toledo) and Brian Lorenz (R-Powell) today introduced bipartisan legislation to ensure equitable accessibility to street parking.

“This bipartisan legislation will reduce barriers for everyday people to park in public. With this bill, we are not eliminating the ability of meters to utilize a QR code or smartphone app, we are just guaranteeing that the option remains to pay via credit card or coin. This will ensure that under-resourced individuals who do not have the ability to own a smartphone and those that are less familiar with new technology are able to continue to conveniently park,” said Rep. Rogers.

The Fair Parking Act will require that all public parking meters in Ohio have the option to submit payment via credit card or coin. This will eliminate the barriers of meters that only have options to pay via QR code or smartphone apps for individuals who do not have smartphones or are unfamiliar with the technology.