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Reps. Isaacsohn, Grim, Thomas Defend Ohioans Freedom to Vote, Speak Against Needless Barriers HB 472 Would Create

May 1, 2024
Dani Isaacsohn News

COLUMBUS - House Democratic Whip Dani Isaacsohn (D-Cincinnati), Assistant Minority Whip Michele Grim (D-Toledo) and State Rep. Cecil Thomas (D-Cincinnati) today conveyed their stance against House Bill (HB) 472 following its first hearing in the Ohio House Homeland Security Committee. The anti-voter legislation deliberately creates extreme barriers for voters to safely and freely cast their ballots. 

“The most important right of American citizens is the right to vote, as it protects all other rights. As legislators, then, it is our sacred duty to protect the franchise and move us along the path to full voting rights. HB 472, unfortunately, does the opposite, said Rep. Thomas, ranking member on the Homeland Security Committee who was absent from today’s committee. “HB 472 is full of unnecessary and onerous requirements that will prevent Ohioans from casting their ballot. I look forward to the opportunity to air my concerns during the committee process.”

“It remains quite clear after today’s first hearing for HB 472 that this bill poses a danger to all Ohioans who wish to actively participate in the civic process. As policy makers we should focus on how to increase voter turnout, rather than deter it. House Democrats are protecting the rights of voters,” said Rep. Grim, the acting ranking member on today’s committee hearing.

“Our democracy is our strength, and we weaken it when we attack the right to vote and limit access to the ballot. At a time when we need to be coming together, this bill would move us in the wrong direction,” said Rep. Isaacsohn.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Watch today’s Ohio House Homeland Security Committee hearing here. Courtesy: The Ohio Channel