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Swearingen Supports New Congressional Map Bill, Advances to Governor

November 19, 2021
D. J. Swearingen News

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State Rep D.J. Swearingen (R-Huron) supported Senate Bill 258 as it passed the Ohio House yesterday. The legislation encompasses the new congressional map for the state. Swearingen listened to testimony as a member of the House Government Oversight Committee, which had hearings on the bill. Swearingen spoke to the legislation on the House floor.

“We passed a constitutional map that complies with what the voters approved of regarding redistricting reforms,” said Swearingen. “This is a map with competitive districts – opponents of this map would rather have predetermined outcomes favoring their party rather than competition.”

Swearingen noted the new map includes 7 competitive districts with an index of +/- 4, and 9 of the 15 districts have an index of 54 percent Republican-leaning or less.

Highlights of the map include: 

  • The map does not unduly favor or disfavor any political party or its incumbents. 
  • Seven of Ohio’s eight largest cities are wholly contained within congressional boundaries. This is the first time in fifty years this has been achieved. The exception is Columbus, whose population exceeds the population limit for 1 congressional district. 
  • Cincinnati is wholly contained in one congressional district for the first time in over 100 years. 
  • 76 of Ohio’s 88 counties are not split by congressional district lines. The Ohio Constitution permits up to 23 county splits. This map has only 12 county splits. 
  • The map contains more competitive districts than any map introduced in the Ohio General Assembly. 
  • The bill now heads to Gov. DeWine for further consideration.

“The map is rational and constitutional,” Swearingen added. “After months of public input from Ohioans, I urge the governor to sign Senate Bill 258.”