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Rep. Thomas Says Tyre Nichols' Death Proves Need for Law Enforcement Accountability, Uniform Standards

February 1, 2023
Cecil Thomas News

COLUMBUS -  State Rep. Cecil Thomas (D-Cincinnati) today released a statement following the tragic death of Tyre Nichols encouraging greater police reform, including uniform standards and best practices all law enforcement agencies should follow in holding officers accountable.

“As a 27-year veteran of the Cincinnati Police Department, I can confidently say police reform is necessary in order to prevent incidents like the one in Memphis from happening again, " said Rep. Thomas. “It takes legislators and the political will to stand up and say, ‘OK this is what we need to do and it’s just not going to happen’. My thoughts and prayers are with Tyre’s family this week as he was peacefully laid to rest.”

Rep. Thomas believes “policing” means being part of the community, something he understands from his years as a sworn officer and now as an Ohio State Representative. He also understands when it is time for reform, and he for one is ready to push for such a change.