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Rep. Russo, House Democrats reject an amendment to strip ODH of power during a pandemic

Says GOP-led attack on state health director is a disgraceful abuse of power
May 6, 2020
C. Allison Russo News

COLUMBUS—State Representative Allison Russo (D-Upper Arlington) today released a statement following the dangerous and partisan attack on Dr. Amy Acton by House Republicans:  

“Safeguarding the public’s health, safety, and security is not a charge we should politicize,” said Rep. Russo. “Our current law, which gives the Director her authority, was enacted after September 11 when our country realized that the threats of bioterrorism and pandemics are issues of national security that require a nimble and quick response. This bill handcuffs the ability of our state’s health and safety experts to act efficiently and effectively to public health emergencies and adds politics, not expertise to our response to a national and state crisis.”

The amendment was attached to Senate Bill 1 in today’s State and Local Government Committee meeting without advance notice or any public testimony and was discharged from committee on a party-line vote, with all Democratic members voting against it.

The amended bill now goes to the Senate for a vote.