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Minority Leader Russo on Arraignment of Former President Trump

April 4, 2023
C. Allison Russo News

COLUMBUS – Ohio House of Representatives Minority Leader Allison Russo (D-Upper Arlington) today released the following statement concerning the indictment and arraignment of former President Donald Trump: 

“The former president’s well documented past of corruption is finally catching up with him, and his indictment shows no one is above the law. If you betray the public’s trust, the justice system should deal with you, whether you are the former speaker of the Ohio House accepting millions in bribes or the president of the United States falsifying campaign finance records,” said Leader Russo. “Together, we can continue to put people first, rip out the roots of public corruption, and do whatever is necessary to restore integrity to our cherished democracy.” 

Following the conviction of former Republican House Speaker Larry Householder of racketeering, House Democrats have introduced two bills highlighting the cost of corruption in Ohio. 

  • Reps. Miranda and Sweeney’s anti-corruption bill (HB 112) would close campaign finance loopholes, require disclosure, and shut down secret funding of dirty campaigns.
  • Reps. Brennan and Weinstein’s HB 6 repeal and refund bill (HB 120) would eliminate the ongoing fees from HB 6 that Ohioans are still paying to bail out two Ohio Valley Electric Corp. (OVEC) coal-fired power plants. The fees already collected would be repaid to Ohioans.