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Lawmakers Who Fear Voters Advance Attack on Democracy with HJR 1

April 19, 2023
C. Allison Russo News

COLUMBUS – Constitutional Resolutions Committee Ranking Member Rep. Ismail Mohamed (D-Columbus) and Minority Leader Allison Russo (D-Upper Arlington) released the following statements after a 7-6 vote to advance HJR 1 from committee. With dozens more people waiting to testify against the measure, the committee cut off debate, halted testimony, and called a surprise vote. 

“Nearly 200 Ohioans who represent millions of voices advocating for their fundamental freedoms came to the People’s House today to oppose the minority rule regime of HJR 1. We heard from six. In a blatant display of disrespect for the people, Republicans ignored, silenced, and cut short all testimony and forced a vote. This is not democracy,” said Rep. Mohamed. “The fight to defend Ohioans’ right to ballot initiatives will go on. We will not allow out-of-touch politicians to continue to ignore Ohioans, change the rules for the interests of the minority and contradict their own laws written just last year.” 

“Together, we will  continue to fight extremist Republicans and special interest groups, and do whatever it takes to preserve our right to decide what happens in our communities. House Democrats believe in the people’s freedom to vote, and the freedom to make private and safe reproductive healthcare decisions. We will never stop fighting to protect those freedoms, and all other fundamental freedoms, because it’s what Ohioans believe in, too,” said Leader Russo. 

HJR 1 would upend the constitutional amendment process and institute minority rule in Ohio, shred our Constitution, and take away our right to decide what happens in our communities.