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Rep. Sweeney spotlights Democratic state budget provisions that went into effect this week

October 17, 2019
Bride Rose Sweeney News

Ohio House Representative Bride Rose Sweeney (D-Cleveland) issued a statement as a number of Democratic-backed policy provisions contained within the state’s two-year state budget went into effect Oct. 17.

“It was a privilege to be part of the important work done on the biannual budget. As a freshman legislator, I had a real voice in the process as the Ranking Member of the Finance Subcommittee on Higher Education,” said Rep. Sweeney. “In that role, I fought for a $70M increase to the state-share of funding for our colleges and universities, which reverses a decade of state disinvestment. This budget helps make Ohio a better place to earn a quality, affordable education.”

Beginning this week and extending into the coming months, here are some of the changes Ohioans will begin to notice that Democrats fought for:

  • The elimination of the tax burden for people making less than $21,750 to provide a much-needed tax break to those who need it most;
  • The creation of a lead-abatement tax credit to make it more affordable for families to rid their homes of poisonous lead;
  • The increase of the minimum age to buy tobacco products from 18 to 21 to deter young people from starting dangerous habits;
  • Making foster caregivers mandatory reporters of child abuse or neglect to protect the safety and security of all Ohio children;
  • Including places of worship to the list of organizations that can administer naloxone in an emergency to combat the opioid epidemic;
  • Allowing for pharmacists to make customers aware of cheaper medications that may be available to them to help alleviate the cost of prescription drugs;
  • Increasing the base salary for teachers from $20,000 to $30,000 to provide a more livable wage to those who mold the minds of tomorrow;
  • Requiring high-poverty public schools now offer breakfast to all enrolled students during the school day ensuring no one begins the school day hungry;
  • Exempting a disabled veteran from paying registration taxes or fees on a military service or valor license plate in honor of the sacrifices they have made;
  • And expanding the age and income eligibility requirements for the Ohio Breast and Cervical Cancer Project breast cancer screening and diagnostic services so more women’s lives can be saved by early diagnosis.