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Roemer's Bill to Simplify Tax Filing Headed to Governor

November 1, 2021
Bill Roemer News

COLUMBUS – The Ohio House of Representatives yesterday approved House Bill 228, which makes a variety of updates to municipal net profit tax law to improve the relationship between the taxpayer, the municipality, and the state. State Representative Bill Roemer (R – Richfield), the primary sponsor of the bill, says this legislation will reduce unnecessary paperwork for Ohio businesses by simplifying their tax filing processes.

“The way we currently file municipal net profits taxes in Ohio places an unneeded burden on business owners,” said Roemer. “The last thing businesses need is another hoop to jump through. This bill streamlines the filing process so business owners can get back to creating jobs and contributing to their communities. I am very pleased that both the House and Senate have unanimously agreed to send this bill to Governor DeWine.”

House Bill 228 makes three notable changes to the administration of municipal net profits taxes in Ohio, which will primarily benefit business owners who operate in multiple municipalities.

First, the bill will codify the existence of an already operational Ohio Department of Taxation web portal to ensure it is preserved. Additionally, it will require the Ohio Department of Taxation to notify municipal corporations through the portal when taxpayers opt in or out of centralized collection, rather than placing that duty to notify on the taxpayer. This will cut down on administrative costs for businesses who have to report to multiple municipalities. Lastly, the bill will allow carryforwards for municipal net profits taxes. For any taxpayer who overpays on their municipal net profits taxes in a given year, they would have the option to apply their overpayment to offset a future year’s taxes.

After receiving unanimous approval by both the Senate and the House on Wednesday, the bill will now advance to Governor DeWine.