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Holmes on the Expulsion of former Representative Larry Householder

June 21, 2021
Adam Holmes News

COLUMBUS – State Representative Adam Holmes (R-Nashport) today issued the following statement on the expulsion of former House Representative Larry Householder:

“Last week, the Ohio House voted to expel former Speaker Larry Householder for actions involving his July 2020 arrest on federal racketeering and bribery charges.   The House voted 75-21 for expulsion.  I voted to expel.  

“After waiting over a year for the FBI to initiate legal proceedings, this month the Ohio House held public committee hearings to determine Rep Householder's continued membership. The Ohio Constitution only allows the House to remove fellow members for "disorderly conduct", and our investigation centered on determining that issue alone.  

“In my opinion, our hearings provided sufficient evidence that Rep Householder was complicit in intimidation and coercion efforts by external agencies that were directed at current House members in order to influence voting decisions.  Because of this, Rep Householder's continued presence in the Ohio House created substantial disruption that degraded our ability to execute our legislative responsibilities.

“In both military and Ohio House service, I have taken repeated oaths to “support the Constitution of the United States and Ohio".   To me, that means public officials are accountable to higher standards of ethical conduct.   Our office will continue to focus on rebuilding "special trust and confidence" in our governmental process through our daily personal actions.”

Adam Holmes
State Representative, Ohio House District 97