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House Bill 488 - 134th General Assembly

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Regards Guardianship Law; legal services for judges

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To amend sections 305.14, 309.09, 309.10, 1545.07, 2101.19, 2109.21, 2111.01, 2111.011, 2111.02, 2111.021, 2111.022, 2111.03, 2111.031, 2111.04, 2111.041, 2111.05, 2111.06, 2111.08, 2111.091, 2111.12, 2111.13, 2111.131, 2111.18, 2111.181, 2111.19, 2111.20, 2111.23, 2111.26, 2111.33, 2111.37, 2111.38, 2111.39, 2111.44, 2111.46, 2111.47, 2111.49, 2111.50, and 2303.201 and to repeal sections 2111.07, 2111.15, 2111.34, 2111.35, 2111.36, and 2111.45 of the Revised Code to make changes to the Guardianship Law and to authorize a court of common pleas to employ an attorney under certain circumstances to provide legal services to the judge or court officials.
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House Civil Justice Committee

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