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Finance Committee Bills

Committee Bills
Bill Title
H. B. No. 1 Create new school financing system
S. B. No. 8 Regards broadband expansion
H. B. No. 39 increases the Public Library Fund; allocates funding
H. B. No. 65 Revise electronic instant bingo law
S. B. No. 110 Provide rent and utility assistance
S. B. No. 111 Provide assistance to schools and other entities
H. B. No. 127 Vacate and expunge COVID-19 order violations
H. B. No. 141 Make appropriations related to public transportation
H. B. No. 143 Regards the Clean Ohio Program
H. B. No. 150 Establish Ohio Public Defender State Loan Repayment Program
H. B. No. 261 Rename Mosquito Lake State Park to Donald J. Trump State Park
H. B. No. 273 Allow Office of Consumers' Counsel to operate call center
H. B. No. 278 Revise multi-agency radio communications system (MARCS) law
H. B. No. 280 Revise Multi-Agency Radio Communications System user fees
H. B. No. 290 Express intent for school funding formula