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Finance Committee Bills

Committee Bills
Bill Title
H. B. No. 1 Create new school financing system
S. B. No. 8 Regards broadband expansion
H. B. No. 39 Increases the Public Library Fund; allocates funding
H. B. No. 65 Revise electronic instant bingo law
S. B. No. 110 Provide rent and utility assistance
H. B. No. 141 Make appropriations related to public transportation
H. B. No. 143 Regards the Clean Ohio Program
S. B. No. 153 Expand EEG Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation Pilot Program
S. B. No. 176 Legalize and regulate sports gaming
H. B. No. 261 Rename Mosquito Lake State Park to Donald J. Trump State Park
S. B. No. 269 Regards conduct of internet lottery games
H. B. No. 273 Allow Office of Consumers' Counsel to operate call center
H. B. No. 278 Revise multi-agency radio communications system (MARCS) law
H. B. No. 280 Revise Multi-Agency Radio Communications System user fees
H. B. No. 290 Express intent for school funding formula
H. B. No. 311 Expand EEG Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation Pilot Program
H. B. No. 329 Enact Taxpayer Protection Against Frivolous Vaccine Lottery Act
H. B. No. 337 Provide one-time bonus award to eligible first responders
H. B. No. 382 Allow cultivation, possession of marihuana; levy a tax
H. B. No. 391 Create anti-prostitution grant program fund
H. B. No. 398 Enact the Democracy Bonus Act
H. B. No. 478 Fund acquisition of Multi-Agency Radio Communication System equip
H. B. No. 498 Enact the Ohio Adult Use Act; levy a tax
H. B. No. 520 Regards consumer installment loans, terms, and lender employees
H. B. No. 535 Regards Medicaid managed care organization equipment acquisition
H. B. No. 568 Revise Unemployment Compensation Law
H. B. No. 587 Modify income tax credit for lead abatement expenses
H. B. No. 600 Expand Medicaid PACE component
H. B. No. 609 Create the Women's Policy and Research Commission and Center
H. B. No. 618 Regards U.S. Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program
H. B. No. 620 Reduces Supreme Court appropriations to cover election costs
H. B. No. 625 Require FY 2023 rebasing of nursing facility Medicaid rates
H. B. No. 628 Enact "An Act to Control and Regulate Adult Use Cannabis"
H. B. No. 644 Create the Ohio Disability Home Expense Grant Program
H. B. No. 664 Regards Medicaid coverage for workers with a disability
H. B. No. 666 Create a rent rebate pilot program
H. B. No. 733 Create classroom, school building, capital improvement programs