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Telemedicine Expansion Act Passes Ohio House

April 15, 2021
Republican Newsroom

COLUMBUS – The Ohio House of Representatives today passed House Bill 122, the Telemedicine Expansion Act, sponsored by State Representatives Mark Fraizer (R-Newark) and Adam Holmes (R-Nashport). 

The Telemedicine Expansion Act expands on the types of providers who may bill for telehealth services, adds new services that a provider may bill for and implements new ways in which providers can see patients across state borders.

“The Telemedicine Expansion Act is essential as we begin to reopen the state following the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Fraizer. “I am delighted to see the bill pass through the legislative process at the House within the first few months of the General Assembly.”

The legislation additionally consists of the following components:

  • Expands the types of providers who may utilize and bill for services rendered via telehealth
  •  Expands “telehealth” to include email and phone calls, not just a virtual visit, which is the existing law
  • States that there shall be no payment parity for telehealth services vs. in-person services
  • Allows Ohio providers to provide telehealth services to patients who live out of state
  • Provides liability protection to providers
  • Gives discretion to providers to require to see a patient in person instead of telehealth if the provider feels it is necessary
  • Requires a long-term care facility to provide digital access to family members if in-person visitation is restricted
  • Allows for caregiving assistance to those who have an in-person healthcare visit if they have a physical or developmental disability

“The increase in telehealth visits throughout the past year is enough proof to show how instrumental this legislation is for both healthcare professionals and patients,” said Holmes. “The implementation of the Telemedicine Act will positively benefit Ohioans and set a precedent for the future of healthcare across the nation.”

Similar to House Bill 679 of the 133rd General Assembly, this measure provides a greater expansion on providers who can offer telehealth services. House Bill 122 now heads to the Senate for consideration.