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Representative Cupp's Bills Signed into Law

January 6, 2017
Republican Newsroom

On Wednesday, Governor John Kasich signed into law two bills sponsored by State Representative Bob Cupp (R-Lima). HB 432 updates probate laws and provides procedures for access to social media accounts and other digital assets of the deceased. HB 436 fixes an inconsistency in state law regarding OVI license suspension and offender vehicle mobilization.

The probate law reform will help ensure the orderly transfer of assets from the owner to beneficiaries of his choice. These updates will help tailor the system to a digital age.

"I am pleased that the governor signed this bill into law. It brings our estate laws up to date so that people can transfer their assets in an orderly fashion. Rules to transfer digital assets like email and social media accounts are particularly important in the digital world we now live in,” said Cupp.

HB 436 will give judges the discretion to release an OVI offender’s vehicle from an immobilization order at the same time the judge grants restricted driving privileges. If an offender violates the conditions imposed by the court, the immobilization order is re-imposed. This will enable the two provisions to work together as offenders’ privileges are restored.

“This common sense bill fixed an inconsistency so that now, if judges allow offenders to drive to work, the offenders can drive their own cars.”

Both laws will become effective ninety days from January 4.