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State Rep. Robert F. Hagan Votes against GOP's Anti- Middle Class Budget

Partisan budget rewards the rich while denying Ohioans healthcare, and cutting public education
April 19, 2013
Democratic Newsroom

COLUMBUS- The Ohio House of Representatives approved a state budget this evening that rewards the rich, while continuing to hurt our schools and communities, and denies Medicaid expansion to hundreds of thousands of working poor Ohioans. Following the vote, State Rep. Robert F. Hagan issued the following statement:

 “Once again, House Republicans have proven to be completely disconnected from the plight of middle class families.

 “Instead of preparing our next generation of leaders, we are cutting public education funding.

 “Instead of improving healthcare coverage and reining in insurance costs through expanding Medicaid, we are denying access to comprehensive quality healthcare for those who need it most.  

 “And in the place of restoring funding to our local communities so they can pay for basic services including police and fire, House Republicans insisted on passing a tax cut that disproportionately benefits the wealthiest among us.

 “If this budget does not scream ‘misplaced priorities,’ I don’t know what does.”