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Sheehy Driver Safety Bill Advances in House

October 29, 2019
Democratic Newsroom

The Ohio House Transportation Committee today recommended the passage of Ohio House Bill 106, which would provide more training and experience to all young drivers in the state.

The committee’s Ranking Member, Representative Michael Sheehy (D-Oregon), and Representative Gary Scherer (R-Circleville) sponsored the bipartisan bill.

“We live in an age full of distractions and new dangers, and a rapidly changing transportation system,” said Sheehy. “Ohio has certainly seen an uptick of injuries and deaths related to teen drivers, and this legislation will make sure that our drivers are fully prepared for the dangers of modern roadways.”

Under the bill, the driving age would increase to 16 1/2 and increase the minimum length of a teen’s temporary instruction permit from six months to 12 months. Additionally, teens with a probationary license would be unable to drive without a parent after 10 p.m., instead of midnight as in current law, with exceptions for work, school, and religious functions.