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Rep. Weinstein: "No more games in repealing HB 6"

November 17, 2020
Democratic Newsroom

COLUMBUS— Ohio State Representative Casey Weinstein (D-Hudson) issued a statement today following reports of FBI agents executing a search warrant at the home of Public Utilities Commission of Ohio (PUCO) Chairman Sam Randazzo yesterday morning. PUCO regulates Ohio utilities and was currently auditing FirstEnergy Corp, the company at the center of the House Bill (HB 6) controversy that led to a nearly $1 billion bailout.

“Two months ago to the day, PUCO Chairman Sam Randazzo refused to answer my questions about a conflict of interest in HB 6 when he appeared before the Select Committee on Energy Policy and Oversight. Now we know why.

The culture of corruption that has long flourished under unified Republican control in Columbus must come to an end to restore faith in our government. That means no more games in repealing HB 6.

A majority of the Ohio House of Representatives has already signed on to legislation that would do just that. Let us show that we mean it.”