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Rep. Clyde: State Should Address Real Election Problems, Rare so-called voter fraud a distraction

December 19, 2013
Democratic Newsroom

Once again, Secretary Husted has revealed how rare of a problem so-called voter fraud is in Ohio compared with the real problems in our elections. Thirteen months after the November 2012 election, the Secretary is focused on 0.0003% of the 5.63 million votes cast. In that same election, over 47,000 voters had their ballots thrown out and over 3 million Ohioans did not participate in their election at all. When will the Secretary hold a press conference on this much larger number of voters and the real problems in Ohio elections?

The Secretary of State already has approval under Ohio law to implement full online voter registration. The website is already built and he should switch it on. He does not need additional legislative action. Online voter registration would simplify the process for voters and election officials to register and to verify registrations with fewer errors and with huge cost savings. 

There are already mechanisms in the law to prevent non-citizens from voting and to punish illegal voting.  These laws should continue to be enforced and illegal voting should not be tolerated.