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Rep. Carney Shocked by Mean-Spirited GOP Attack on Women

House Republicans introduce another bill to limit women's healthcare choices
June 13, 2013
Democratic Newsroom

COLUMBUS- Representative John Patrick Carney (D-Columbus) released the following statement after learning of the introduction of House Bill 200, which would restrict a woman’s healthcare choices, force doctors to share factually incorrect information, and redefine “medical emergency” possibly putting women’s lives at risk.

“I was shocked today to hear that Republicans had introduced yet another mean-spirited attack on women's health and lives. My colleagues in the House blatantly ignore the medical community, scientific research, but most importantly the women of Ohio, who have made it clear that they oppose these policies that threaten the health and lives of women.  The legislature should not be criminalizing the practice of medicine or codifying information that is factually untrue.   A woman’s health care choices should be left between her and her doctor or healthcare provider.  I believe women should have full access to affordable, preventative health services and any health related legislation passed by the General Assembly should be backed by medical and scientific evidence and be supported by the medical community.”

The full bill can be viewed here.