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Rep. Boyce : MBR Should Fix Budget Mistakes, Not Prioritize Politics

April 9, 2014
Democratic Newsroom

Today, State Rep. Kevin Boyce (D-Columbus) and Ohio House Democratic Caucus members stood in opposition to the state’s mid-biennium review, House Bill 483. Democrats offered several amendments that highlighted community needs and reversed previous harmful legislation, such as the recent decision by Gov. Kasich to extend Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits to some counties and not others.  

“I am sorely dissatisfied with the outcome of today’s vote and the lack of consideration for a number of commonsense amendments. The MBR was an opportunity for us as policymakers to make right the missteps taken during the previous budget cycle. My constituency would greatly benefit from the restoration of SNAP waiver benefits and monies towards their Local Government Fund. Our focus must be on the outcome of our actions and how they will affect our constituencies, not political gains or appeasement,” said Rep. Boyce.

The SNAP Program is a federally funded program that requires able bodied working adults to meet part-time work requirements each week in order to receive benefits. However, when a state’s job climate does not yield the jobs necessary for individuals, the Federal government makes available a waiver to ensure the continuity of benefits. To date, the waiver is available to 16 of Ohio’s 88 counties.