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Rep. Boggs statement as GOP lawmakers reject Dem efforts to implement best health practices, tackle systemic racism in Ohio

Says misplaced priorities, political games keeping real work from getting done
December 3, 2020
Democratic Newsroom

Assistant Minority Leader Rep. Kristin Boggs (D-Columbus) today issued a statement as Republicans rejected several Democratic efforts to bring important measures to the House floor, including a Statehouse facemask mandate to protect the health and safety of the public, staff, and elected officials, as well as a proposal to declare racism a public health crisis. Both measures were presented as floor amendments but ruled out of order on the grounds that they were not germane to a SCR 8, a resolution urging Congress to end daylight savings for health and public safety reasons.

“While it is acknowledged that sunshine has an impact on health and public safety, I’m disappointed that Ohio Republicans don’t consider addressing racism and requiring masks to stop the spread of COVID 19 critical public health issues.”

“While Republicans spoke on the House floor today about the health and safety benefits of sunshine, they again refused to take simple, commonsense action to protect the public here in our Statehouse.

“I would advise my colleagues across the aisle to rethink their priorities and get back to the work Ohioans sent us here to do, and that’s to pass real, meaningful legislation that will improve the lives of working people and families. If not, they should stop wasting our time.”