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Leader Russo and Sen. Sykes Statement on Dems Map Proposal

January 22, 2022
Democratic Newsroom

COLUMBUS – Today, state Senator Vernon Sykes (D-Akron), co-chair of the Ohio Redistricting Commission, and House Minority Leader-elect and commission member Allison Russo (D-Upper Arlington), issued the following statement after releasing a state legislative map on behalf of their caucuses ahead of today’s meeting of the Ohio Redistricting Commission:

“The Ohio Supreme Court has been clear: this commission must adopt maps that closely reflect the statewide voting preferences of Ohioans over the past decade and comply with other voter-approved constitutional requirements. The maps we are submitting today meet the proportionality requirement by creating 54 Republican-leaning districts and 45 Democratic-leaning districts in the Ohio House, and 18 Republican-leaning districts and 15 Democratic-leaning districts in the Ohio Senate. 

“Ohioans deserve fair, constitutional maps. There is time to give Ohioans what they have demanded, and Democrats are committed to making it happen. It is possible to adopt maps that comply with the Court order and the Ohio Constitution.”

Click here to see the House and Senate maps on Dave's Redistricting. Additional data can be found at the following links:
- Partisan lean of Senate districts

- Partisan lean of House districts

- Partisan index data of Senate districts

- Partisan index data of House districts

The partisan index data is drawn from the statewide partisan election result data provided by Ohio University in the Ohio Common Unified Redistricting Database.