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Dem lawmakers urge House leaders to pass bill to protect healthcare coverage for Ohioans with pre-existing conditions

Renewed call for action follows recent decision by U.S. Fifth Circuit Court
December 19, 2019
Democratic Newsroom

State Reps. Jeff Crossman (D- Parma) and Randi Clites (D-Ravenna) today called on Statehouse leaders to protect Ohioans’ healthcare by advancing the bipartisan Pre-Existing Protection Act, House Bill 390. The call comes hours after a decision in Texas v. United States raised more uncertainty about the Affordable Care Act’s (ACA) future, including its provision to protect healthcare access for those with pre-existing conditions. 

The Pre-Existing Protection Act would incorporate into Ohio law several popular patient protections found in the ACA, including coverage for those with pre-existing conditions.

“While some have described this recent ruling on the ACA as a 'victory' it is most certainly not for the Ohioans that have preexisting conditions and whose healthcare remains in limbo,” said Rep. Crossman. “At the state level Rep. Clites and I have taken action to fill a leadership void by introducing House Bill 390 and it is critical, now more than ever, that this bill pass.  We can and must do more to protect access to quality affordable healthcare for every Ohioan.”

The Pre-Existing Protection Act would:

  • Protect coverage for those with pre-existing conditions,
  • Limit health insurance premium hikes,
  • Ban on annual and lifetime limits,
  • Protect coverage of essential health benefits, like preventative, maternal and emergency care.

“Families shouldn’t have to worry about losing insurance coverage when they need it most,” Rep. Clites said. “My son was diagnosed with hemophilia at birth and is a childhood cancer survivor—so I know firsthand what countless Ohio families go through when faced with tough medical decisions. People like him shouldn’t be penalized for surviving cancer or living with a chronic disorder. But before the Affordable Care Act protected patients with preexisting conditions, being denied health coverage due to a health condition is exactly what too many people faced. We can’t go back to those days.”

HB 390 has had two hearings in the House Insurance Committee. No further hearings have been scheduled on the bill.