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A Labor Day Message from The House Democratic Leader

The whole fabric of society rests upon labor
August 30, 2013
Democratic Newsroom

As Labor Day approaches, I find it encouraging to take a moment to reflect on the true significance of this holiday. While many of us know it as a day to hold cookouts, attend parades or a baseball game, there is an enriching history behind the holiday that is often neglected.

Labor Day is a creation of union members who worked hard to push for better working conditions, fair wages, reasonable hours, vacation time and much more. Today, all Ohio workers and Americans—union and non-union alike—benefit from the gains achieved through collective bargaining.  

Labor Day is a day designed to pay tribute to ourselves for the work each of us has contributed to the benefit of society. Whether you are a doctor, lawyer, caregiver, server, bus driver or volunteer, we all can reflect on the contributions working Ohioans have made to our state.

Even as radical attacks on our labor force seem ever-present from conservative interests and lawmakers across the country, I vow to never stop fighting for creating equitable working conditions and a living wage for all Ohioans.

As the marble blocks of our State Supreme Court so proudly proclaim, “The whole fabric of society rests upon labor.”

 In Solidarity,

Tracy Maxwell Heard