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State Rep. John Patrick Carney's Statement on the Introduction of So-Called "Right to Work" Legislation

April 30, 2013
Democratic Newsroom

COLUMBUS- Today, Ohio House Republicans distributed a memo in preparation of introducing a so-called “right to work” bill that would eliminate the rights of Ohioans in the workplace. In response, State Representative John Patrick Carney released the following statement:

 “We fought against these attacks on Ohio’s workers in Senate Bill 5 and we will do so again. This misleading, so-called ‘right to work’ agenda is just another attack on hardworking families across Ohio.

 “All this legislation will do is take money out of hardworking middle class Ohioan’s pockets and make it more difficult for them to make their mortgage payments, put food on the table, and help pay for their kids to get a college education.

 “This attack on working families in our communities is not welcome in Ohio, and I will do everything I can to defeat it just like Governor Kasich’s Senate Bill 5.”