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Rep. Troy statement as refunds to be sent to overcharged utility ratepayers

Urges passage of his bipartisan legislation to require refunds to all improperly-charged utility customers
July 8, 2021
Democratic Newsroom

State Rep. Daniel P. Troy (D- Willowick) issued a statement today as some Ohioans will see a one-time refund on their August utility bills as part of the partial repeal of House Bill 6. Rep. Troy has called for refunds to all improperly-charged utility customers under his bipartisan House Bill (HB) 260, legislation that would protect consumers and put more money back in the pockets of ratepayers instead of corporate shareholders.

“This is clearly and simply the ratepayers’ money, and it should not be an entitlement to the utilities to keep especially if it’s not being used for the purpose for which it was collected. Instead of protecting the interests of the corporate shareholders, we should be acting in the best interest of consumers,” said Rep. Troy. “We need to pass commonsense consumer protections under HB 260 to ensure that all improperly charged Ohioans get their money back.”

Rep. Troy’s HB 260 would require a refund of improperly charged electric utility charges collected from ratepayers. A report by the Ohio Consumers Council found that $1.5 billion of electricity utility refunds have been denied since 2009.

HB 260 is currently before the House Public Utilities Committee, where is has had a number of hearings, but has not yet cleared the committee.