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Rep. Sobecki statement as bill that complicates property tax valuation process passes House

April 15, 2021
Democratic Newsroom

Today, Rep. Lisa Sobecki (D-Toledo), Ranking Member of the Ohio House Ways and Means Committee, released the following statement in opposition to House Bill (HB) 126, legislation that opponents say would place undue burdens on school districts and local governments by adding redundancies, increasing costs, and creating new state mandates in the property tax valuation process.

“This bill is a solution in search of a problem rooted in the misconception that school boards are boogeymen hiding in closets of vulnerable Ohioans hoping to nickel and dime them,” said Rep. Sobecki. “Despite what the bill sponsor says, it does not improve the Board of Revision process— it’s an attack on our public schools.”

Public education in Ohio is predominantly funded by property taxes. Ohio’s public school districts utilize the Board of Revisions (BOR) system to ensure property tax values within the taxing district are set at the most accurate levels. 

School boards, school superintendents, school treasurers and county commissioners expressed concern about the effects and burdens created by HB 126 during opponent testimony for the legislation.

Rep. Sobecki offered an amendment on the House floor that would have required that the local school board or legislative authority establish a policy for filing complaints and counterclaims. Republicans rejected the amendment.

After passing the House, the bill now moves to the Senate for consideration.