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Rep. Robinson statement on DeWine signing extreme 'Shoot First' bill

'Stand Your Ground' legislation is a loophole for murder, disproportionately hurts Black Ohioans
January 5, 2021
Democratic Newsroom

State Rep. Phil Robinson (D-Solon) issued the following statement in response to Gov. Mike DeWine signing Senate Bill (SB) 175 on Monday, dangerous legislation that would allow the use of deadly force by any individual who feels their life is in danger:

“Whether you call it ‘Kill at Will,’ ‘Stand Your Ground,’ or ‘Shoot First’ policy, we’ve seen in other states that it clearly leads to violence and death. The Ohio Association of Chiefs of Police and other members of law enforcement oppose laws like these because they take away a judge’s or jury’s power to evaluate self-defense, creating a loophole for people to get away with manslaughter and murder. This law will greatly decrease public safety in Ohio and disproportionately impact the lives of Black Ohioans and other people of color as victims of gun violence, with their killers now having a way to escape prosecution,” said Rep. Robinson. 

“One of the worst parts of this bad public policy is that Gov. DeWine broke his promise to not sign into law any pro-gun violence related measures until his gun safety reform package in SB 221 was passed by the legislature. I find it concerning Gov. DeWine is giving in to the most extreme elements of his party and hope it is not a sign of how he will govern over the next two years.”

Last month after SB 175’s passage in both chambers, Rep. Robinson sent a letter to Gov. DeWine asking him to veto the bill due to the controversy and dangers the legislation would cause if made into law.