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Rep. Kevin Boyce Reacts to Passing of Nelson Mandela

December 6, 2013
Democratic Newsroom

COLUMBUS – State Rep. Kevin Boyce (D-Columbus) issued the following statement, paying tribute to the late Nelson Mandela:

“We have lost one of the world’s most influential humanitarians, and it is with great sympathy that we mourn the loss of Nelson Mandela.  Several years ago, I had the unique opportunity to travel to South Africa and sit in the prison cell in which he was imprisoned for 27 years; words cannot describe the emotions that I felt while there and the lasting impression that visit had upon my life. His fight against the racial oppression of apartheid and his message of reconciliation for the government that imprisoned him impelled social consciousness worldwide.  May we all aspire to lead our lives in remembrance of his legacy and continue to fight for the overlooked and voiceless.”