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Hall to Introduce Bipartisan Bill to Test Motor Fuel Quality Across the State

February 5, 2021
Thomas Hall News

COLUMBUS - State Rep. Thomas Hall (R-Madison Twp.) today urged fellow lawmakers to sign onto legislation with joint sponsor Rep. Brigid Kelly (D-Cincinnati) that would authorize permissive motor fuel quality testing in Ohio. This would allow county auditors and the Department of Agriculture to test for octane levels, sediment, and water levels in fuel. 

“Bad gas has no place in my community and certainly no place in our great state of Ohio. Ohio is only of three states in the United States who does not currently test for fuel quality. Said Hall. “This is a common sense, bipartisan bill that I am excited to work on with Rep. Kelly.”

The legislation was discussed with the Ohio Farm Bureau, the Ohio Township Association, county auditors, and industry groups. 

Ohio is one of just three states, the others being Alaska and Nebraska, that do not currently test for fuel quality. Cuyahoga and Summit counties already test for fuel quality based on local governance.

Lawmakers add that this will not create any costs for retailers or consumers, but will protect consumers from facing thousands of dollars in damages every time an individual fills up their vehicle with poor quality fuel. The bill will apply across the board to all motor fuel, including diesel. 

House and Senate Lawmakers will have until Tuesday, Feb. 16 to sign onto the bill before it is officially introduced later that week.