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Ohio House Committee passes resolution urging Congress to make daylight saving time permanent

Published By Loveland Magazine on November 2, 2023
Rodney Creech In The News

The House State and Local Government Committee yesterday passed House Concurrent Resolution 7, announced State Reps. Rodney Creech (R-West Alexandria) and Bob Peterson (R-Sabina), sponsors of the resolution.

H.C.R 7 will urge Congress to enact the Sunshine Uniformity Act of 2023, permanently transitioning the state to Daylight Saving Time.

 “Switching to daylight saving time would increase the hours of sunlight in the evenings year-round and could help combat some mental health issues from the darker winter evenings we currently have on standard time,” said Creech. “I’m thankful for the support from committee members on this resolution.

Under the Uniform Time Act of 1966, states have the freedom to change to standard time, but not daylight-saving time. This specific change requires a change to federal law to transition to perpetual daylight-saving time.

“Research has shown an increase in automobile accidents the Monday after shifting to daylight saving time due to sleep deprivation,” said Peterson. “The most common cause of death in children under 15 is unintentional injury, and the most common cause of unintentional injury is car accidents. If permanent daylight saving time is one way to reduce car accidents and increase our children’s safety, it certainly deserves our consideration.”

H.C.R. 7 now moves to the House floor for a vote.

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