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McClain Statement on Householder Expulsion

June 16, 2021
Riordan T. McClain News

State Representative Riordan McClain (R-Upper Sandusky) has released the following statement on the vote to expel Representative Larry Householder from the Ohio House of Representatives:

“Today was a sad day for the Ohio House of Representatives, I and 74 of my colleagues voted to expel former Speaker Larry Householder from office. But now in the wake of this action, we can now start a new day free from the distraction of his ongoing criminal investigation.

“There are so many other important topics that we should be addressing but instead we are forced today to debate and act on this solely because of one member.

“It is no secret that I have never been a supporter of Householder and voted against his speakership as well as many of his leadership priorities, including a “No” vote on the implicated H.B. 6. The only reason he was speaker at all was by the historic deal made with Democrats in contradiction to the majority of the Republican Party opposing him in 2019.

“Nevertheless, this is a vote that I hoped we would not have to take, and I repeatedly called for his resignation over the past 10 months. As it became abundantly clear he would not do so, this action became the necessary step to move forward as the People’s House. Actions as the leader of this body carry enormous weight and the abuse of those powers cannot be tolerated.”