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Cross Announces Employment Law Uniformity Act Signed into Law

January 14, 2021
Jon Cross News

COLUMBUS – State Rep. Jon Cross (R-Kenton) today announced Governor DeWine has signed into law House Bill 352, his legislation that improves Ohio’s workplace discrimination laws by allowing for timely, fair, and efficient resolution of claims for both employers and employees. 

“This Employment Law Uniformity Act is a big win for Ohio employers and their employees,” said Cross. “Implementing common-sense changes to the employment discrimination statutes will improve Ohio’s business and legal climates to further attract investment into our state.”

The Employment Law Uniformity Act makes the following changes to Ohio’s workplace discrimination laws:

  • Provides employees more time to file administrative claims with the Ohio Civil Rights Commission
  • Reduces the nation’s longest workplace discrimination statute of limitation from six years to three years
  • Prevents the simultaneous filing of administrative and judicial actions
  • Ensures supervisors and managers are no longer personally liable for wrongful acts they did not commit
  • Codifies a U.S. Supreme Court affirmative defense for hostile work environment claims
  • Reduces confusion related to Ohio’s age discrimination statutes

A number of civil rights and economic organizations also voiced their support for H.B. 352, including the Ohio Civil Rights Commission, Ohio Chamber of Commerce, National Federation of Independent Businesses, and Ohio Alliance for Civil Justice. 

Due to an emergency clause, the bill is effective immediately.